Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Got Me Started

The following recent posts on the TAG blog have given me hope that the artists in the animation industry are ready to stand up to the rampant idiocy that's destroying what's left of the industry:


Studio Loyalty


Goddam, it's taken forever for the artists to get angry enough to not just say something, but possibly do something, don't you think?

The big one that everyone's complaining about are the tests.

An experienced industry professional has no business taking a goddam test unless it's for a position that they've not held before.

To take a test for a position that is reflected on your resume and in your portfolio is degrading. Why?

Because if you're asked to do a test for a job you already know how to do, then you're not going to get the job. So why waste your time? No, really, why waste your time for people who are making you jump through hoops for their own amusement? SCREW THAT. You have better things to do. Like, try for a job at another studio that won't make you take a stupid test.

The next time someone asks you to take a test, politely refer them to your portfolio and resume. If they can't tell that you can do the job based on the content of your portfolio and calling previous employers, then you probably don't want to work for them anyway, as the production will be a clusterf*ck. MAYBE THEY SHOULD BE THE ONES TAKING A DAMN TEST IF THEY CAN'T LOOK AT A PORTFOLIO?!

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