Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Digital

How many storyboard artists are having to do more and more and more and more poses for their boards if they're done digitally?

Doesn't that redefine the job of storyboarding?

Shouldn't the schedule and pay scale go up if that's happening? Or shoudn't the studio hire revisionists/jr. board people to help with the load?

Shouldn't that mean that the artists and management need to sit down and spell out EXACTLY what the artist is responsible for in the board stage, as opposed to becoming an animator and rough timer as well as the layout and board artist?

And then there's the idea that the boards are easier to reboard at a moment's notice, damn the schedule.

Is that true? Probably not.

If you're asked to do more work than you're getting paid for, DON'T DO IT. Don't work for free! What do you actually gain by bending over backwards with no reward for your efforts?

Job security? No.

A pay raise? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, no.

A good reputation? Maybe, depending on how good you are, but only until you burn yourself out.

Make your work worthwhile. Do a good job for the time that you actually get paid for.

Make 'em choose: good, fast cheap...pick two outta three.

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