Monday, February 23, 2009

How's it going?

In the new presidential term of "change", what's changed for animators lately?



We're still under ridiculous schedules.

We're still undermining each other by insisting that tests to get a job that'll help us to our graves faster are "necessary" to hire anyone.

We're still working for free due to the aforementioned schedules because we're too chickenshit to say that we're worth paying a living wage.

We still have idiots running studios into the ground when there should be enough backlog catalog to pilfer for the masses and make some damn money.

We're working for nonunion studios while our medical coverage runs out.

What's it gonna take to get some sanity back in an unsane field?

The one good thing I'm beginning to see is higher visibility of work done outside of "work". Hopefully that's a trend that'll continue forward.

And upward.

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